Brazilian Migration to the UK Research Group




Since its inception in 2008, GEB has been actively involved in researching and promoting a series of activities to enhance the ‘visibility’ of London’s Brazilian community. This effort meets not only the need to address the lack of knowledge about the most numerous Latin American group in ‘super-diverse’ London. It is also an acknowledgement of the important contribution that Brazilians make to the city’s social and cultural life and to British society.

Set up by a group of researchers – from both academic and professional realms – who were interested in furthering the study of London’s increasingly significant Brazilian diaspora, GEB has expanded to be a network of several researchers on Brazilian international migration. Currently the group is led by a core team of the UK based researchers who are responsible for running its activities.

GEB has hosted more than 25 monthly seminars with researchers of Brazilian international migration from all over the world and three annual seminars bringing together researchers and community members. In 2014 GEB will be hosting the 3rd Seminar of Studies on Brazilian migration in Europe.

GEB’s team have researched various aspects of the Brazilian migrant experience. These range from valuable quantitative studies providing an overview of Brazilians in London to more specific issues such as bilingual education, religion, food practices, women, technologies for communication, social class, labour and social network. Members have presented their researches in key international conferences and have had their work published in international peer reviewed journals.

GEB also participates in discussions with the Brazilian authorities in the UK and in Brazil through participation in “RedeUK”, the network of Brazilians in the UK; in “Rede de Brasileiros e Brasileiras na Europa”, the network of Brazilians in Europe; as well as in the conference “Brasileiros no Mundo”, the network of Brazilians in the world.

If you are interested in taking part of our events – as a presenter or as audience – or would like to be part of our network please drop us an e-mail at or facebook webpage:


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